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This page details all terms and conditions regarding ticket bookings and offers, as well as website use and any third party affiliations for the Romantic Revival Orchestra.


By using this website, you are bound by the RRO's Terms of Use, and upon purchasing any tickets, goods or services from the RRO (directly or indirectly) you agree to be bound by the Conditions of Sale and any rules or specific conditions set out by the RRO.




By purchasing a ticket to a RRO concert or performance you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Tickets are not ellible for refund or exchange, unless a concert or performance is cancelled or rescheduled. The RRO retains the right to alter the programme, artists or performers without notice, however an effort will be made to inform ticket-holders of any changes made.

  • Tickets are non-transferable between concerts, unless advised otherwise by the RRO team. Please contact us at if any issues have arisen or you wish to make a change in your bookings.  

  • The RRO reserves the right to alter seating and customers may request a change of seat at the Box Office's discretion. Conditions may vary between venues. 


  • The RRO will make every effort to admit latecomers to any of our concerts and events, upon a suitable break in a performance as to not disturb the atmosphere, but we cannot guarantee entry and cannot issue a refund to any latecomers.

  • Please turn off, or make silent any mobile phones during our concerts.

  • Mobile phones and tablets may be used during the performance to take photographs or to read digital programme notes. Please be mindful of other concert attendees, and dim your brightness and try not to purposefully obscure anyone's view.

  • By purchasing a ticket for a RRO concert, you (and by extension your party) consent to being photographed and/or filmed for promotional purposes.

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