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Hi everyone! I'm Wiktor, the founder and director of the Romantic Revival Orchestra.

I am very excited to say that our debut concert was quite a success, and this year we are trying to provide you with a whole concert season for you to enjoy, full of standard repertoire, and new orchestral and chamber music. As you might guess, paying for venues, printing/hiring parts and creating a website all have their assosciated costs, and I am hoping to have up to 25% of that to be covered by kind donations from our concert-goers and the wider public. We aim to provide accessible classical music to all people, in particular young people, at an affordable cost and would like to keep our ticket prices low for all of you.

Any spare change really goes to help us as an emerging orchestra in Birmingham.

Thank you all so much!


RRO Patron List

So far, we have managed to raise £700 through private donations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you would also like to donate to enhance our concerts.


  • 2 that wish to remain anonymous (joint donation)

  • Andrew D Harris MA, FSA, MBE

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