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Wiktor Wysocki

Wiktor Wysocki was born in March of 2004 in the city of Wrocław, Poland. At the age of two, he moved with his family to Coventry, England in search of a better life. From a young age, he was heavily involved in the arts, however pursued history more than anything as his key interest. At the age of 8, his parents signed him up for guitar lessons in his primary school, and this completely changed his life. Quickly shooting up to the top of the class, he outperformed his peers, and at the age of 11 picked up his grandfather’s old accordion, dusted it off, and began learning it on his own. For many years, music was a very on-and-off thing for him, alternating between the guitar, accordion and dabbling in songwriting, until January of 2021, where he began to focus on re-learning the classical guitar, which then led to an experiment in classical composition in May of 2021. Upon hours of turmoil, some acceptable music was produced.  

On a whim, Wiktor applied to conservatoires across the UK in hopes of following this path and decided to accept an offer at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where he started his studies in September of 2022. 

Performances of his music include that of all his Piano Pieces from Op.3 to Op.6 at Draper’s Hall in Coventry, played by Kevin Stannard who mentored him during his final year of Sixth form, before his studies at RBC. Wiktor also premiered his first ever piece, written for solo classical guitar during this concert, alongside the Tango Duet (part of the Op.6 collection) played as a trio between classical guitar, clarinet and piano. 

His music encompasses a romantic style, with some uses of minimalist features, however he attempts to a pioneer a new “Romantic-Revival” genre of music together with his orchestra, the Romantic Revival Orchestra, with whom he performed his new ‘Concerto for Two Guitars - Op.8’ in the Bradshaw Hall of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on the 27th of April, 2023. Wiktor is currently under the tuition of Andrew Toovey, Howard Skempton and Luke Bedford. 

Wiktor is a Royal Birmingham Conservatoire composition student supported by the RBCA. 

Portfolio of Compositions

All works and their mockups can be found on Wiktor's MuseScore page:

Selected recordings of compositions can be found on Wiktor's YouTube channel:

Printed versions of Wiktor's compositions are available by request. For more info contact Wiktor via email.

Concerts & Performances

19th July 2022

Drapers Hall - Coventry

22nd March 2023

The Lab - RBC

22nd March 2023

Organ Studio - RBC

27th April 2023

Bradshaw Hall - RBC

A premier of selected piano works from Op.4 through to Op.6, as well as a piece for solo guitar, alongside the Tango Duet, played by Wiktor, Kevin Stannard and Rebecca McGrattan.

Birmingham New Music concert hosted in the Lab at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Amongst various pieces by other composers, Wiktor's Clarinet Quartet No.1 was premiered, played by the Aura Quartet.

That same evening, Wiktor's Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano was premiered alongside pieces written for the same ensemble by his fellow students.

That evening, various solo, chamber and orchestral works were played for the very first time, in a programme consisting exclusively of Wiktor's music played by the Romantic Revival Orchestra. Among these pieces was the Concerto For Two Guitars.


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